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Editorial Staff

The Gazette‘s Editor-In-Chief, Cate Hedengren ’24, is an avid writer and dollar-pizza slice enthusiast. After her second year on the editorial team and third year of working with The Gazette, Cate’s love for hearing student voices and working with her fellow writers has only grown over the course of the years. Outside of writing and editing, Cate loves to surf, roam the city streets, and spend time with friends. As her last year on The Gazette approaches, she eagerly awaits the plethora of new voices ready to be shared with the Grace community.

Kristina Evans ’24 is a senior and the Managing Editor of The Grace Gazette. This is her third year on the Gazette and she is so excited to see what this year holds! Previously, she has written articles on student life, culture, and opinion pieces for the Gazette. In her free time, she likes to spend time with friends and family.

Nate Barkow ’25 is a junior and the Deputy Editor of The Gazette. This is his second year on the Gazette and his thirteenth year at Grace. He loves journalism and finding out new and interesting facts about the Grace community and the people in it. When not doing school work, Nate loves to play tennis, get food with his friends, and go for walks with his dog. He is so excited to be part of the Gazette again this year and looks forward to creating new content for the Grace community!

Sofia Ulrich ‘24 is the director of Good Morning Grace, The Grace Gazette’s biweekly show. When not doing school work, Sofia likes to read, watch movies, and be with friends. This year, for The Gazette, Sofia would like to continue making videos for Good Morning Grace. 

Hallie Rosenzweig ‘25 is a returning student writer, co-director of Good Morning Grace, and social media manager.  When she is not pursuing her journalism career, she can be found playing soccer with her team, running at Brooklyn Bridge Park, and working on the school’s art and literature magazine, ephemera. Her favorite food is an açai bowl, and she can walk on her hands! This year for The Gazette, Hallie would like to create Good Morning Grace content that brings a smile to people’s faces.

Senior Columnists

Miranda Chao Hwang ’24 is returning as a Senior Columnist this year. She’s interested in writing about the Grace community and pop culture, but more than anything, is excited to collaborate with her fellow columnist Zamira Frost. Outside of school, she loves to draw and listen to new music (yes, including country). 

Zamira Frost ‘24 is a senior at Grace Church School and is so excited to be back on The Grace Gazette staff as a Senior Columnist. Outside of school, she loves to write songs and spend time with her friends. A fun fact about her is that she loves chocolate, like A LOT. This year on The Gazette, she is diving into a writer partnership with Miranda Chao Hwang ’24. She is excited to write fun and engaging stories, and ready to get involved with the community during her last year on The Gazette!  

Student Writers

Alejandro Izurieta ‘25 enjoys photography and sports. As The Gazette’s junior photographer, Ale is eager to see how the team grows this year.

Capes Coulson ‘25 is a new member of The Gazette and is ready to take on the task of running an underground music page. Outside of school, Capes enjoys producing music and exercising. Capes’ page is going to have one goal and one goal only: to spotlight underground music artists who haven’t yet reached the mainstream.

Cassie Ball ’26, is a new writer for The Grace Gazette. In her free time, she highly enjoys going sunset hiking with her dog and family. Her dream job is to be a travel journalist and to immerse herself in many cultures around the world. This year she wants to learn about herself as a writer with her partner, Fiona Miller ’26. 

Elif Caliskan ‘25 is an inquisitive member of The Gazette. She has been writing for The Gazette since her sophomore year with great journalistic curiosity towards her community. She likes to write on a variety of subjects, including the harrowing ghosts that prowl the West Village and the far more distressing reality of the immigrant journey in this city, whether it involves getting through the southwest border or finding another path beyond the borders. Other than writing for The Gazette, Elif enjoys watching movies from all genres, eras, and cultures, and playing volleyball and backgammon. This year Elif hopes to cultivate more photographic media for her own and other reporters’ articles. 

Fiona Miller ’26, is a new writer for The Gazette. In her free time, she enjoys traveling to and exploring new places. She is excited to compose articles with her writing partner, Cassie Ball ’26, and hopes to discover the genre she is most interested in this year at The Gazette.

Mason Zelenko ’25 is a music critic, podcaster, and reporter for The Grace Gazette. When not at school, he likes to write creatively, play tennis, and basketball, and spend time with his friends.  Mason is a burgeoning member of the music journalism world, posting several pieces in last year’s Gazette that were worthy of praise. Also, he co-hosts GraceCast, which is The Gazette‘s podcast platform that gives exciting interviews with members of the Grace community. This year, Mason looks forward to developing an integral role in the paper that aligns with his own interests.

Milo Pesca ‘25 is a first-time Gazette staff member. He is interested in the human mind and the use of metaphors in society. You can find him at the vending machine searching for a new favorite drink or at the pawnshop selling 10-year-old used Pokemon cards. This year, Milo hopes to get philosophical with his articles.

Pippa Locke ‘25 is a staff writer for The Gazette. When not doing school work, she enjoys hanging out with friends and family, listening to music, and watching movies. Her dream job would be a music producer. A fun fact about Pippa: she is half-British. Pippa would like to further develop Grace Cast, The Gazette’s podcast, this year and continue building more series.

Zarina Medeiros ‘26 is a staff writer at The Gazette. When not doing school work, she watches TV and sews. Her dream job is to work for a fashion magazine. This year, for The Gazette, Zarina would like to hone her writing skills. 

Sophia Smith ‘25 is a new writer for The Grace Gazette but not new to writing.  Away from the newsroom she engages in track, loves spending time with her friends, and investigating strange facts.  She can tell you all about the most haunted house in New York City, Project Blue Book, and her thoughts on Mars.  She looks forward to writing complex stories that make future readers pick their brains.  

Veronica Hatch ‘25 is a junior and has been writing for The Gazette since her sophomore year. In her free time, she likes to surf, travel, and go on backpacking and whitewater kayaking expeditions with her friends. She has done investigative reporting on the lack of feminine hygiene products at Grace, the distressing situation of fentanyl in NYC, and whether high schools should carry Narcan. She recently completed a course studying investigative journalism at the New York Times and has an internship lined up with a local newspaper in the Hamptons this summer.

Brian Reilly is the faculty advisor of the Grace Gazette. Encouraged by the prospects of the eager editors, reporters, videographers, and podcasters on the Gazette staff, Mr. Reilly knows the Journalism team will discover that the exposition of truth empowers the influencers of the future. 

The Grace Gazette is produced and published by students in the Grace Church School High School Division’s journalism class. All GCS students in grades 9-12 are welcome to submit articles, photos, videos, and suggested topics. If you have questions, comments, or feedback please contact Brian Reilly or student editors/writers.

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