Visions of Grace 2030

Illustration by Anaika Mehta ‘27 

As another great year comes to an end, Grace envisions a bright future for its faculty and staff. With input from the Grace community, the school is creating a long-term plan to achieve goals by the end of 2030. This plan is called “Envisioning Grace in 2030.”

The parent association at Grace sent an email to the Grace students and parents in November, inviting the community to submit their biggest hopes for the school’s future and the ways the school can better live out its newly revised mission statement. 

The question the form asked was: “Imagine that you close your eyes, and when you open them, it’s seven years in the future and your biggest dreams for Grace have come true. What has happened?” 

Some community members are taking the lead. Leaders of this plan include Saara Mahjouri, the assistant head of the school, and some high school Student Government representatives Mikail O. ‘25 and Micah W. ‘26 have helped generate ideas regarding the school’s sustainability initiatives. 

When interviewed about the plan, Dr. Mahjouri said: “We’re in a stage of strategic planning where we have a long-range planning committee to set organizational and institutional goals for Grace.”

“When we asked the community how they envisioned Grace in 2030,” Ms. Mahjouri said, “we wanted pie in the sky answers so that we could collect big themes that the answers surrounded.

“We wanted to crowd-search for these themes,” she added. 

Mikail O. ‘25, an 11th-grade student government representative, also spoke on what he hopes the community might accomplish by 2030.

 “We’ve been working on integrating solar energy onto the roof to transition us to 100% sustainable, renewable, and clean energy self sufficiently,” Mikail said.

As Grace continues to change, there will be more objectives implemented in the plan based on how the community responds. 

The structure of Grace’s “vision” mirrors a plan made by the United Nations. The U.N. also has an agenda of goals to accomplish by 2030. These goals target sustainable development, including protecting the planet, ending poverty, fostering peace, and more. 

By setting these goals for the future, Grace Church School is setting expectations for what the community could look like in 2030. Intending to meet the students’ hopes, Grace is striving for a better community for future generations of students. 

Pippa Locke ‘25 is a staff writer for The Grace Gazette.