The Blues of a Bizarre Winter

Media provided by Rohan Girvin ’23

A winter with no snow, 60-degree days, pouring rain, and gloomy skies – it has been disappointing for both winter wonderland lovers and those who desire to bask in the spring sun. 

Winter conjures images of a snowy holiday season, hot chocolate, and warm coats. Contrastingly, this winter has been different, with weeks of sweater weather and snow days out of the realm of possibility. Though the impacts of climate change are seen through this weather change, another consequence of the weather fluctuation lies in the daily moods of New Yorkers, including Grace students.

February 27th and 28th were the first measurable snowfalls in the city in 320 days. This is close to being the longest consecutive days recorded without snow in New York City. It hasn’t only felt like a snowless winter but truly has been. This winter has been the second warmest New York winter ever recorded, truly impacting the lives of those who live here. For many Grace students, their only experience of snow this year was during the Ski Trip at Gore Mountain. 

When heading into the cafeteria and asking around, it was made clear that Grace students feel strongly about how this winter’s weather has impacted them. Here’s what they had to say:  

“Those days where it was 60 degrees, those were the happiest days this whole season.”

  • Tamyrha D ‘24

“I don’t think the weather directly affects whether I’m feeling happy or not, but I think that the things that I can do in that weather affect it. Obviously, I’m not going to go to the beach in the middle of winter so that kind of makes me sad … summer is also associated with not going to school, which makes me happy … it’s more about the parameters around weather that stop you from doing things.” 

  • Alana A ‘24

Pier 40 Snowed Out. Image Provided by Brando Babini. 

“Weather affects my outfits, and my outfits make me happy.” 

  • Hazel Z ‘25

“Too much rain and I start getting depressed.” 

  • Francesca Y ‘25

“The rain makes me more tired.” 

  • Bella S ‘24

Gore Mountain during the GCS Ski Trip. Image Provided by Rohan Girvin.

“I get really sad in the winter except when it snows.” 

  • Antonia K ‘24 

Gore Mountain during the GCS Ski Trip. Image Provided by Zamira Frost.

“When it’s sunnier out, people do more active things.” 

  • Michael L ‘24

A Sunset in November. Image Provided by Brando Babini. 

“If it’s raining I feel really sad …. If the sun hits my face, you know it’s a good day.” 

  • Kate M ‘25

St. Marks Church in-the Bowery. Image Provided by Brando Babini. 

Though the reactions varied, most Grace students agreed that the weather affects them daily, whether it be in regards to their mood, their outfits, or what they can do daily. This past week, snow has finally reached the streets of New York, one of the only times we have had a “real” winter this past year. What does this mean as we move into spring? Hopefully, a spring season of excitement and joy is in our future and we can leave this strange and cold-ish winter behind. 

The First Cherry Blossom Blooms. Image Provided by Brando Babini.