Tips for Online Learning

While most Grace students are struggling with the transition to online learning, I have been taking online courses for four years. As an athlete, I am constantly traveling, and online schooling has made it much easier. As a student, I wanted to take extra classes that GCS didn’t offer every year to pursue math and science. While online learning was a challenging adjustment at first, I have found many helpful tactics and websites that have made this my preferred way of learning.

When I needed a calculator and didn’t have one handy, Symbolab and Web 2.0 Calc have been very helpful. Web 2.0 Calc is the best standard calculator I have found online. They offer many useful trigonometry options and the ability to go backward in history, which can be essential. My only issue with Web 2.0 Calc is they don’t have many advanced functions, which is why I started to use Symbolab. Symbolab is great for computing derivatives, integrals, matrix equations, solving for x, or simplifying equations. On this website, you can input any function, and they will share the domain, range, intercepts, asymptotes, and many more.

One of my favorite apps is GeniusScan. It is useful when taking pictures of your work to upload them on GraceNet. It can quickly put multiple images into one file. It also alters the exposure to make it easier to see the image and any writing.

My favorite website for sharing notes and images or taking online notes is Limnu. It is a virtual whiteboard that is easier to use on the iPad. An Apple Pencil can be helpful but isn’t necessary.

For editing any writing, I love Grammarly. It is an extension that you can get on Chrome or Safari, and it will edit all of your writing – Google Documents, Gmail, etc. – It can quickly check spelling mistakes, change from passive voice to active voice, and fix wordy sentences.

While these online supports are crucial to my online learning, they can surely carry over to when we resume to the classroom. I strongly recommend trying any of these applications and websites.

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