The Newest Grace Team – Boys Volleyball

Starting today, Grace will add its 15th varsity team, when the Varsity Boys Volleyball team begins their inaugural season. Announced at the end of the 2017-18 school year Ms. Armijos, Director of Athletics and P.E., said that Grace would be adding a Boys Volleyball Club, meaning they would not play competitive games in the ACIS League, the following Spring. Ms. Armijos confirmed that the club has now turned into an official team, and said she is very excited for the upcoming season. “I’ve been trying to bring Boys Volleyball to Grace for over five years now. I’m super excited that it’s finally happening.” Their first game is scheduled to be played on April 2 at Brooklyn Friends, and then their first home game will be the following day against Packer Collegiate.

Coach Buckle, who coaches Girls JV Volleyball in the fall, will be the head coach, and Coach Dagel, who is the head coach for the Girls Varsity team, will be the assistant coach. “The reason we picked Coach Buckle for head coach is because he used to coach Boys Volleyball at Packer, where he won a championship. So we thought because of his experience he would be the best option for the spot,” said Ms. Armijos.

With the addition of the Boys Volleyball, it then begs the question if there are any other plans to add any more Varsity teams at Grace, and Ms. Armijos said, “No, I think the number of teams we have right now with the size of our school is perfect. If we were to add another team, it would have to be brought up by a student, and they would have to show the desire for that team from other students.”

Now that the team is official and the schedule has been made, all that is left to do is put together a roster.

Will Simotas ‘19, who is planning on joining the team this spring said, “I would love to play. I think volleyball is super fun, and we would have a really good team. The only thing that would hold me back is my schedule.” Junior Alex Seidman said, “I would join if only I had the time. We play it a lot in my morning PE, and the way the team has to work together makes it a lot of fun”. The goalkeeper for the Boys Varsity Soccer team this year, Sam Perman ‘19, shared, “It’s a high impact sport. I like driving around and putting my body on the line.”

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