Stressed About The Holiday Season? The Holiday Market Is 1 Day Away!

The Holiday Market is coming back to the High School for the second year. This market is a one-stop-shop for holiday gifts whether they be for friends and family or anyone else; there is something for everyone! It will be held on Wednesday, December 18th, all day in the lunchroom commons. Prices on items range from $5-$20 and while some items are $30. The products being sold are of a wide variety. In the women’s section, there will be jewelry, beauty products, and accessories. The men’s section will hold fun socks, tools, and other accessories. There will also be a home section, which will include fun and cute puzzles, mugs, candles, tea infusers with all sorts of heartwarming teas. 

Elyce Arons and Jan Geniesse, the Presidents of the Parents’ Association, helped organize this event. In an interview with Ms. Geniesse, she said, “This is a parent organized market that is designed for students to do their holiday gift-giving. During the holidays, the little kids get so excited for what gifts they are getting. In keeping with the Grace Church values, we are teaching these students the importance of gift-giving and they are reminded of how happy gift-giving makes them. The families as a whole love this event. It is for all the Grace families to come together and shop for holiday gifts.” 

Giving gifts to those you love during the holidays is a kind act. The sound of opening your gifts and peeling off the wrapping paper is the best feeling. Last year, Elyce and Jan decided it was time to bring the holiday market to the high school. According to Ms. Geniesse, “Elyce and I last year decided ‘let’s bring it to the high school,’ but it must be different. People came down and everyone enjoyed it and we had a bake sale too. This year, we are doing it again, and we took notes on what sold and what didn’t. The main thing we are trying to do is have students come that December 18th, mentally and financially prepared, to do their holiday shopping for friends and family.” 

The holidays are supposed to be spent with friends and family and gift-giving should not be a stressful activity. So come down on December 18th and get your holiday shopping out of the way and enjoy the rest of it with loved ones!


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