SAC Makes a Splash with Spring Fling

An ice cream truck appearance at the 2022 Spring Fling. Media provided by Social Media Editor, Brando Babini ’23.

On Apr. 30, Grace High School hosted the first school wide dance since the beginning of the Pandemic, an event that The Student Activities Committee (SAC) has been working towards tirelessly since the fall of 2021. According to Nylah M. ‘22, a member of the SAC, the Committee met with leaders of the school to outline their plans and, in just a few short months, the student-led team was able to pull the entire dance together.

In previous years, the dance took place in the fall, but due to COVID restrictions, it was pushed to the spring. This year’s dance was themed, “glow in the dark garden.” Jameira F. ’23,  another member of the SAC, reported in an interview with the Gazette about the decision to utilize Grace’s own rock band instead of a DJ, as well as creating a playlist of music students “actually want to listen to.” Like the mask policy, COVID restrictions also prohibit students from bringing outside guests to the dance.  

Don’t forget to thank the SAC members for their hard work and dedication on creating an event for the entire community to share.