Resources to Stay Informed: The Russia-Ukraine War

Image courtesy of Max Kukurudziak (Unsplash)

Dear Grace Community,

The Grace Gazette’s focus has always been to keep the student body informed about the happenings at Grace Church School, but, sometimes, certain events seep from current events into our school lives, calling us to step out of these four walls and address the issues that are haunting the world, as well as students. The Russia-Ukraine war is one of these events.

As such, the Gazette has worked with the history department to compile a list of resources so that we, as a student body, can remain informed about the state of the ongoing conflict and, if you feel so inclined, to give to causes that need the most support.

We urge you to stay informed. It is your duty not just as a Grace student, but as a person who has the ability to help the cause; whether that be combating misinformation, sharing these resources with family members, or donating.


Ava Andrews ’22


Curated by the History Department


Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, explained (Vox)

Russia’s war on Ukraine explained: a complete visual guide (The Guardian) 

The Ukraine Crisis—Background (Brown University) 

Russia’s Energy Role in Europe: What’s at Stake With the Ukraine Crisis (Council on Foreign Relations)

Understanding the Context:  Putin, Russian Nationalism, and Ukraine: 
Putin’s Endgame Unravel the Post-Cold War Agreements That Humiliated Russia (Wall Street Journal) 

Why is Vladimir Putin attacking Ukraine? He told us (Vox) 

Vladimir Putin’s Revisionist History of Russia and Ukraine  (The New Yorker)

Putin Calls Ukrainian Statehood a Fiction. History Suggests Otherwise (The New York Times)

Vladimir Putin’s Revisionist History of Russia and Ukraine (The New Yorker)

What Ukrainian and Russian history can tell us about the current conflict | PBS NewsHour

Deeper Histories: 

The Soviet Collapse (Origins journal – Ohio State University)

PBS Frontline from 2014 on Ukraine War

Stalin’s 1930s Holodomor Genocide: Holodomor: How Millions Of Ukrainians Died of Starvation During Stalin-Era Mass Famine

Happening Now:

Ukraine conflict – BBC News
Propaganda, fake videos of Ukraine invasion bombard users (ABC News)

Live view of Maidan Sq in Kiev: Live: View from Kiev’s Maidan Square as explosions heard across Ukraine