My Experience Being a Lifer

Every time I tell someone that I’ve been at the same school for fourteen years, I feel grateful. Being at Grace Church School for so long means that eighty percent of my life has been spent being part of the Grace community. It is my home away from home.

Being a part of the community has taught me grounding values for life that I live by every day. Values such as respect, integrity, inclusiveness, and compassion. Because of these strong values, I still say hi to my past teachers because Grace has created an environment for developing close relationships with teachers and peers.

My childhood was filled with an enriching education and playful community at Grace Church School. Middle school was nothing but a pleasure. I will never forget the memories the middle school gave me, whether it was running through Turtle Hall during holiday shopping with excitement or enjoying the annual talent show in the big gym.

When I graduated in eighth grade, I couldn’t be more excited to start a new chapter at Grace Church High School. In the last four years, I have only planted my roots deeper into the community. My experiences in high school cemented what I learned in middle school, and those values still show up in my daily life.

My gratitude goes to the community of Grace Church because it has been nothing but respectful, caring, and motivating. Heading off to college is an exciting but sad time because I have to leave the loving community of Grace. I will be sure to spread the values of Grace wherever life takes me.

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