Meet Your Grace Cheerleaders

Produced by Gigi Diserio ’16 and Erica Grosso ’16


This year was the first year that GCS had its very own cheerleading team! The club was started by Paloma Green ‘16 and Charlotte Abernathy ‘18 and lead by Dana Foote and Ryann Supple, the cheer team has really evolved into its own. Throughout the fall and winter, the cheer team of Ava DuPont ‘18, Millie Novak ‘18, Paloma Green ‘16, Grace Richardson ‘16, Julia Sebastia-Lopez ‘18, Sasha Herman ‘17, Kit Keenan ‘17, Charlotte Abernathy ‘18, Tenzin Kusang ‘17 and Zoe Pratt ‘17 practiced every week, and boy did their practice pay off!

Now, the cheer team brings GCS spirit to every home game throughout the Varsity basketball season, bringing bursts of energy to the whole gym, and inspiring the crowd. The cheer team has mastered their chants, hyping up the players, even when the numbers were down. They perfected their halftime routine, performing to Missy Elliot’s “WTF (Where They From),” reigniting the energy of the game at the half. The cheer team has really made a difference in the Grace spirit at the basketball games. It truly has been a welcome addition to the Grace athletic community, and the school looks forward to the years of Grace cheerleaders and Grace spirit to come. We would like to take this time to say thank you to the GCS cheerleaders for their commitment and spirit!

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