Marking the End of High School: Senior Spring

As the Grace community says farewell to the beloved class of 2023, the seniors are celebrating the huge accomplishment of finishing high school! 

Senior spring is often regarded as one of the most joyous times of the high school experience. The spring season, marked by a couple of key events, brings along fun and excitement for all seniors involved: prom, senior trip, and, finally, graduation. Each of these events is highly anticipated each year and this sense of enthusiasm fills the halls. 

Although the concept of the seniors leaving can be a sad time for many, it also carries so much joy! Filling these weeks with love and care is a crucial component to making our goodbyes somewhat easier, and it is as, if not more, valuable than the heartfelt tears. 

Karis B ‘23, student body leader, explained: “I’m extremely excited about the senior week and our upcoming senior celebrations! I feel like bowling and arcade games at Chelsea Piers during our senior retreat will be a great way for us to really have some child-like fun and make more memories, and the senior dinner is a perfect way to solidify and reminisce upon those memories before going into graduation! 

“A lot of advisories are going out for celebratory lunches, too, which is very cute and wholesome. Grace does a fantastic job facilitating opportunities for us to make memories and have lots of joyous moments before our next chapter. I’m going to miss it all so much!”

Uma S ‘23 said, “I’m super excited for the end of my senior year! We have a lot of fun celebrations coming up to close out the year, like graduation, prom, et cetera. I’m sad to be leaving Grace, especially my friends in younger grades, but I’m very ready to leave and for my next chapter in college.”

We send so much love to our seniors as they move into the next stage of their lives. They will always be a part of the Grace community, and we hope the Grace community will always be a part of them. 

Zamira Frost, the author, is a staff writer and future senior columnist for The Gazette