Introducing Grace’s New Clubs

Media provided by Gazette Media Staff.

At Grace Church School, joining a club is a great way to meet new people and explore new and old interests. The wide variety of activities ensures that there is a club for every student. Every year, students from all grades start new clubs, and, in doing so, share their passions with the rest of the school. Established clubs such as Model UN, Glee Club, and the Math Team are widely recognized, but what about the newly founded clubs this year?

Footy Talk is an all-encompassing soccer club founded by Jonas Marcovitz ‘23 and Brando Babini ‘23. Playing FIFA, watching matches, and generally sharing their love for the sport are just some of the activities the club plans to run.

Media provided by Brando Babini ’22.

Quiz Bowl, a club run by James Spindler ‘23 and Charlie Wall ‘23, is a game where participants answer trivia questions for points. There are many different game modes such as toss-up, lightning, and versus. Spindler encourages those who are even slightly interested to join; “There is no experience needed,”  he stated. In the future, the club hopes to compete against other schools but is currently focused on creating a fun space to play the game.

Middle Ground, run by Olivia Berger ‘22 and Rania Challita ‘22, is a club inspired by the hit YouTube series by the same name. The club is discussion-based and hopes to tackle important social and political topics. Challita hopes this club can “fill a gap” by providing a meaningful discussion space for students as well as “rebuild [Grace] after what happened last year.” Challita hopes a wide variety of people join the club to allow for interesting conversations with differing opinions.

Poi Club celebrates the Polynesian dance style by the same name that focuses on the rhythmic spinning of weighted tethers. In an interview with the Gazette, Isabelle Ulick ‘23 talked about how she discovered poi at summer camp and wanted to share it with the school. She hopes to host a performance sometime this year and teach as many people about the dance as possible.

Mia Rutkovsky’s new club, The Thrifting Griffin, is a Grace thrift store looking to raise money for cancer research. The club plans to collect used clothing from the Grace community and resell it. Of her motivations to start the club, Rutkovsky ‘23 wrote in an email, “My family has also been highly affected by cancer, which is why I would like to hopefully make a difference in the search for a cure for cancer.” 

Media provided by Mia Rutkovsky ‘23.

Lastly, Whiskey Bravo is a new club run by Keredin Samuel ‘23, Daniel Hua ‘23, and Mia Rutkovsky ‘23. Whiskey Bravo is a community service club centered around the military and those who have been affected by it. Over email, Samuel wanted to make clear that this club will not be overly patriotic: “Everyone has their own opinions of the army and it is a well-known fact that it’s not a very stable system. This is exactly why we want to help people recover from things like [the shortcomings in the military] and teach people how this happens.”

The varying topics and aspirations of the new clubs this year goes to show what a diverse and interesting community we have at Grace. Take advantage of all of these offerings and you might end up discovering a new passion of your own. 

If you are interested in joining a club, consult this list and contact the leaders of the club you would like to join. It is never too late!