Lorry Perry, New Head of High School

Image provided via the Grace High School Instagram, the incoming Head of High School, Lorry Perry

As Grace’s administration is going through a major shift, students are left apprehensive and curious about the new administrators for the 2022-2023 school year. As the community regretfully bids Mr. Mahabir, current head of the High School, farewell, we welcome the new head of High School: Ms. Lorry Perry. The Grace Gazette conducted an email interview with Ms. Perry to familiarize the Grace community with one of our new members. 

The Gazette: How do you plan to establish a relationship with students in the upcoming years?

Ms. Perry: “Actively!… I’ve spent my career in boarding schools, and what that has taught me is the importance of the chance meeting and the casual conversation that opens… a precious relationship… for me, using every interaction as an opportunity to promote relationships across the school matters most.”

The Gazette: What is your personal teaching philosophy?

Ms. Perry: “I am always learning more about teaching that informs my philosophy. At my core, I see myself as a teacher of students as well as a student of students. I happen to do it through the study of literature… but what I believe is most important is to help students learn to create and sustain a positive environment for all where we meet our high standards and actively care for one another”

The Gazette: How do you plan to make Grace a place where everyone feels accepted?

Ms. Perry: “I look forward to learning from everyone where [community members] feel [acceptance at Grace] is and isn’t already [sufficiently] happening… My interview process revealed to me how ardent students are about shaping their experience [in] the community. What I’ll bring to the table at first is a beginners [sic.] mindset and a propensity to ask a lot of questions. I’m thrilled to be joining a young, idealistic school and a community with a lot of energy to change and grow.”

The Gazette: How will you ensure that student voices are heard? How will you interact with the Student Government?

Ms. Perry: “I’m still learning the ins and outs of the systems and processes in place – like student government and the [Office of Community Engagement], etc… I mean to seek out student voices – those represented well by student government, and I’ll also want to have touch points [sic.] with students outside of the structure of student government as well.”

The Gazette: What are your opinions on antiracism in a place of learning?

Ms. Perry: “I feel called to serve Grace’s mission of providing students with an outstanding education and [instilling] the desire to use their education to make the world a better place. I know that in order for all Grace students to gain the education we want for them, they need to feel safe and know they belong. I want all community members to see how they are in fact ESSENTIAL at Grace.”

The Gazette: The administration is slowly gaining more female perspectives. In your opinion, how do you think that will affect Grace?

Ms. Perry: “I think diversifying perspectives is so valuable – not only because a wider range of students [sic.] voices will be echoed within the administration but [also] because it is valuable for an administration to look at things from a different perspective… For me, being female contributes a lot to how I see the world, and so does being gay, married, a Westerner [sic.] and someone who has spent her career in boarding schools.”

The Gazette: What are some of the challenges you see facing Grace on the high school level?

Ms. Perry: “New admin will need to come onboard [sic.] quickly and settle in so we can lead the school in the fall. I know we are inheriting a wonderful school and community from the past leaders, and it will still take the summer to step fully into our roles.”

The Gazette: What are some things you are planning to do in your new role as Head of the High School? What can the student body look forward to? 

Ms. Perry: “I’m planning to be really visible and invested in knowing you. Over the summer, I’ll work with the high school team to figure out what the best mechanisms are to make good on those plans. The student body can look forward to a head of high school who is inspired by Grace’s mission, who loves working hard alongside and on [the] behalf of teenagers, and who loves the community that a school fosters.”

The Gazette: Is there anything you would like to say to the student body?

Ms. Perry: “The reason I chose Grace was because of the earnestness of the questions I got from students. You obviously care a lot about the environment where you go to school and are intent on shaping your experience here. I’m really excited to help.”

Ms. Perry with her dog, Spigot

We are excited to see how Grace will change with Ms. Perry as our Head of High School and all of her future contributions to our community.