Introducing Our First-Ever Print Issue

America hadn’t had a moment of rest in the last decade. We’ve seen two historic presidential elections, a national outcry against gun violence, an unprecedented movement wrestling with the consequences of racism in America, and a pandemic that turned the world upside down. 

Nor has Grace. Just over a decade ago, our high school — and its newspaper — didn’t exist. When the nation reacted to Donald Trump’s 2016 upset — and his 2020 defeat — that high school reacted with it. When leaders in the movement against gun violence in schools called for a national walkout, Grace made the local news. In March 2020, Grace joined the ever-increasing group of schools to shutter its doors in response to a new, rapidly-spreading virus. And, when America reckoned with its legacy of systemic racism, Grace drew national attention for its own effort to do the same.

To mark the occasion of the Grace Gazette’s tenth year, we’re incredibly proud to present the Gazette’s first-ever print edition. It’s a ten-year, ten-page celebration of student journalism. From politics to student life — hard-hitting news to silly satire — it’s a capsule of the spirit and history of our paper, school, and country.

Only 500 copies have been printed. Get yours on Thursday, May 25. 

Looking forward to the future,

The Editors of The Gazette.