Independent Schools Prepare to Respond to the Presidential Election

Independent Schools throughout New York City are collaborating with the Guild of Independent Schools to send letters to parents and students concerning the upcoming presidential election.

Grace’s main concern is that once the outcome of the election is determined, disruptions may ensue, possibly disturbing the safety of students and teachers throughout the New York City area. If it is, in fact, deemed unsafe to go into the building, our school, along with many others, will close for both hybrid and virtual students. The importance of voting this year has been made clear through the letter as it implores those who are eligible to vote to go out and do so. 

The letter also states that independent schools condemn and reject bigotry and violence. During such a time it is essential that as parents and students we acknowledge how our school and its environment shape us all. Our actions, thoughts, values, and words must be considerate and in support of our whole community, city, and nation. As an independent school, Grace has applied its non-partisan values with respect to our nation’s democracy, saying “no matter what the outcome of the presidential election, [we must] live our lives in a way that is aligned with our values.”

Grace encourages “hope fueled activismand backs each individual voice in the face of adversity. It is through a collective ability that we “rise abovehatred and affliction. It is through collective strength we will “proactively supportone another. And finally, it is through collective action that our world will “emerge wiser and healthier.

Tensions have been and continue to be strung high and tight, especially in light of this coming election. 2020 has certainly been a tumultuous year but Grace urges all community members to remain flexible and optimistic. We must all strive to be cognizant and responsible citizens not only within Grace but also in the outside world.

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