Homecoming Week Starts Today

This week Grace High School is hosting our first ever Homecoming. The week will be filled with themed days and events to raise school spirit, ending with Varsity games and a dance on Saturday night. The effort to have a Homecoming at Grace has been led by Katy Arons ‘20, who has been trying to bring a new dance to Grace for two years. “Freshman year is when I started planning to have some sort of event, but Sophomore year is when I started planning Homecoming.” When asked why she wanted to have a Homecoming at Grace she said, “One reason is to have a dance that is for the whole school and not just the upperclassmen, but also with Grace High School being a new school it’s good to start these traditions – something that we can have every year that brings everyone together, from athletes to artists and anyone else”

The week leading up to Homecoming will be ‘Spirit Week’ where each day will have a theme for students to dress up. Starting Monday with PJ Day, where you can wear pajama pants, sweatpants, or a onesie to school. Tuesday will be Dynamic Duo Day, great examples are anything from Batman and Robin to Lebron James and Dwyane Wade. Wednesday is Jersey Day, where you can rep your favorite sports team, just be prepared to see someone wearing your rival’s jersey. Thursday is a great opportunity to ask your parents what they wore to school for Decade Day. You should keep in mind that there will be prizes for whoever has the best costumes on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Then finally Friday will be School Spirit Day, where you can wear all the GCS apparel you have, and athletes don’t forget to wear your Grace jerseys.

On Friday, the Homecoming Weekend festivities will begin with a pep rally in our brand new gym, which is set to hold the unveiling of our new mascot, the Griffin! However, an unnamed source has told The Gazette that the mascot suit may not arrive until after Homecoming Weekend. In the afternoon the Girls Varsity Volleyball team will play Berkeley Carroll at 4:15 pm. On Saturday, both the Boys and Girls Varsity Soccer teams are scheduled to play Friends Seminary on Randall’s Island  at 11:00 am. However, say tuned for more information as the location of the fields are still to be determined.

Homecoming Weekend ends Saturday Night with the dance in the gym. It kicks off at 7 pm and formal attire is required. Tickets are on sale now in the lobby at 46 Cooper Square until Wednesday (10/17).

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