Homecoming Season Is Here!

It’s that time of year again…Homecoming season!  In the week leading up to Homecoming, each day will have a exciting theme. On Thursday the 10th, the theme is Dynamic Duo Day, so grab a friend and come to school dressed as a duo. Some examples have been Netflix & Chill, Mario & Luigi, or even teacher duos (Last year Avery Rahr ‘21 and Lena Arnsten ‘21 dressed up as Ms. Wood and Dr. Nathan). Friday, the 11th, is Advisory Day and there is a prize for the best-dressed advisory! Wednesday will be Sweatpants Day, followed by the Senior Choice on Thursday. Lastly, Friday, the 18th, the final day, will be Spirit Day. Athletes are encouraged to wear their jerseys, and everyone else should wear Grace merchandise or blue and white in honor of the school! Friday is also the pep rally in the High School gym. That afternoon, the Girls Varsity Volleyball team will play Friends Seminary. On Friday, both the Girls and Boys Varsity Soccer are playing on Randalls Island, at 4:30 pm, on fields 50 and 51, respectively. The weekend will end with the Homecoming dance, and this year the theme is a Masquerade. All the planning has been done by Katy Arons ‘20 and James Danziger ‘21, the heads of the Homecoming Committee.


Sam Perman ’19 making an incredible save in last year’s Homecoming game


Last year’s Homecoming had mixed reviews. While many thought Homecoming was a success, others thought it could have been improved. Audrey Patterson ‘22 said, “I believe that the whole concept of the games for Homecoming is a great idea because they bring spirit and pep to the whole school.” Homecoming is meant to bring school-wide spirit, which students are looking forward to. Ella Bonham Walsh ‘21 remarked, “I like Homecoming. I really like the sports aspect of it as well as the team spirit and the pep rallies because it brings the school together.” The enthusiasm for Homecoming week continued with Chelsea Phillips ‘20, who stated, “I think the idea of Homecoming brings Grace together as a community; however, I think we could work on the theme of the dance. Also, lower classmen can’t attend prom until they become upperclassmen. I think it is a good opportunity for them to experience a school dance.” At Grace, Homecoming is still a relatively new idea and many students believe that there are still aspects that need to be worked on. Last year, Homecoming was initiated by Katy Arons ‘20. This year she is working toward improving upon last year by collaborating with students from all different grades who are passionate about school spirit and bringing our community together. “There are eleven or twelve of us working on Homecoming. We are collaborating with student council who is helping a lot this year. When I was a freshman, I thought there needed  to be an event that brought our school together. From this, I had the idea of Homecoming. My goal this year is to embed Homecoming in the traditions of our school and make sure it stays once I am gone.”


While Homecoming is all about school spirit, it is also about reuniting our alumni. Dana Foote, High School Student and Family Coordinator, said, “I love Homecoming. The premise of Homecoming is for our alumni to come home, which is really fantastic.” While the students and faculty look to the rest of spirit week and begin getting excited about the Dance, there will also be a chance for alumni to be involved in the school they once attended. Homecoming week is not just about bringing our school together, it is about the idea of community and unity as a whole as it exists within Grace. 


Girls Varsity Volleyball in their Homecoming 2018 game against Berkeley Carroll



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