Grace Helps the Homeless Through Music

On Thursday, April 12th, 2018, the Students Fighting Homelessness Club held a concert in the Lower Commons to raise money for the homeless population of Lower Manhattan. The concert featured the student-teacher ensemble, “The Graceful Dead,” which included Mr. Kadajski, Mr. Diveki, Dr. Ali, Declan Harris ‘20, Justin Gibble ‘19, Jiwon Simpkins ‘19 and Mr. Leonard and his High School Singers Abisola Fashakin ‘19, Katherine Ely ‘19, and Emma Seitz ‘20. The show was a great success; the Commons were packed with students and teachers alike from both 46 and 86 campuses eating snacks and enjoying the live music. The SFH club sold out their concessions and custom-made Graceful Dead shirts and stickers with all funds going to homeless charities within the area.






Following the concert, the SFH Club took some time to discuss the work they have been doing in the past two years, along with Dr. Ali’s Service Learning group, who concentrated their efforts on homelessness. Nick Molinaro ‘18 represented Dr. Ali’s group speaking about the clothing drive they held last winter (teaming up with the SFH Club) and the collection box they placed by the vending machines to collect extra change for homeless charities.






The event proved a wonderful coming together of the Grace community, students, teachers, and parents alike, all to support an amazing cause. The SFH Club looks forward to hosting more events like this (hopefully featuring more Graceful Dead!) and would like to thank all the members of the Graceful Dead, Mr. Leonard’s singers, Mr. Zaretsky, Ms. Smith and her Service  Learning group, and Dr. Ali’s Service Learning Group.

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