Golf ACIS Championships

On Tuesday, May 15, the Grace Golf Team played in their first ACIS Championships. In its first year, the team squared off against Packer during the Championships. They are a very experienced team, and Grace tried their best, but in the end they could not pull out the victory.

Timothy Quinn, Varsity Golf head coach, said this about the match, “The championship match went well. We had played Packer the week prior so we knew it was going to be tough. It was great for our team to make it to the finals, unfortunately we came up a little short. There were definitely some nerves involved that affected us, but overall I thought we handled ourselves really well. Three of our six competitors in the match were seniors Jane Platt, Ethan Martin, and Preston Wilson. I hope they enjoyed their experience. Adrian DiCarlo, Jamie Aijala, and Zach Bernstein will all be returners and I hope they learned a lot from yesterday’s event. The experience should only help!”

Adrian DiCarlo, a current sophomore described the match, “Unfortunately, we lost the ACIS championship, but it’s ok because it was only our first year as a golf team. Personally, I thought I played well but definitely could’ve saved a few strokes to get my score down.”

Jamie Aijala, another sophomore said, “I think the ACIS championship, even though it wasn’t a great outcome, was a really good experience for the golf team. Given that it is our first year playing I think it’s incredible that we made it as far as we did. We lost by 22 in the finals but we put up a good fight. Jane Platt, our captain shot a 37. Unfortunately her wonderful performance the rest of our teams great effort couldn’t help us get the win. I am happy to say that this is only the beginning of the Grace golf team’s career and I see a lot of potential for our team in the future.”

This year the team demonstrated talent, and sportsmanship. Being a first year team, progressing to the ACIS Championship match is a huge deal. The Athletics program is excited for the team to continue to prosper and grow in upcoming seasons and expects the team to continue its excellence on the course.

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