Family Security Fund Already Helping Grace Community Members

There is no question that many families are struggling with the financial hardships that have come with the COVID-19 pandemic. To help families deal with their financial insecurities, Grace Church School has decided to set up the Family Security Fund. The Family Security Fund is available to any family that needs assistance due to loss of employment or because of COVID-19. According to Mr. Davison, Head of School, the fund came from “the idea of a parent in the High School who went to the Parent’s Association and asked what they as parents could do if people had issues with food, shelter or medical insecurity as a result of the stay at home order.”

So far the fund has been a big success with 158 donors. As of May 7th, the fund has raised $270,000 and spent $76,000. So far, 35 Grace families have received financial assistance through the fund, which is being administered by Director of Financial Aid, Sarah Adler. The fund has helped students who are unable to participate in Zoom due to lack of tech at home. The fund can also be used to help organize “food deliveries via Fresh Direct or similar organizations.” Mr. Davison expects even more people to donate to the fund in the coming days and weeks. If someone wants to donate to the Family Security Fund, they can make a tax-deductible donation on the Grace website. Please know that you do not need to be a current Financial Aid recipient to access the Family Security Fund. Your anonymity will be respected.

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