Fall Sports Playoffs Recap

This past season was successful for the majority of the fall sports teams at Grace. Three Varsity teams and two JV teams made it to the semi-finals in their leagues. When asked about their season, students had tons to say about the fun they had with their teammates and how they are sad that the season is over.

Girls JV Volleyball:

Girls JV Volleyball had a great season; they worked hard as a team and came close to winning the league championships. One of the captains, Emily Lopez ‘22, says, “The coaches made it fun, and we had a lot of wins.” Audrey Patterson ‘22 agreed that “it was such a blast, I’m so sad it’s over.”


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Girls Varsity Volleyball:

Girls Varsity Volleyball did not have the best season and did not make playoffs; however, the players improved throughout the season and stayed motivated. Olivia Berger ‘22 says, “We definitely could have done better, we had some issues with leadership, and when we were low we were very low, however, when we were playing up to the other team we played well, and we just needed to keep that energy through every game and for every set.” Julia Kramberg ‘20 stated that the team, “got a lot of new talent this year, and overall I think we grew as a team. It was a good last year playing for Grace, I’ll miss it next year.” Most importantly, the team had fun together and, hopefully, can come back even stronger next year.

Photo Credit: Nick Russell ’21

Boys Varsity Soccer:

The Boys Varsity Soccer team had a successful season, and they made it to the semi-finals. Despite the fact that the season started out a bit rocky, they had a six-game winning streak halfway through the season. Perrin Hinds ‘22, a player on the team, says, “our season was a blast, and our team had great chemistry. On the bus, we would blast music, and that helped us get excited about the games.” Overall, the team played well besides a few tough losses, including their homecoming game against Friends Seminary, which they lost 1-3.

Photo Credit: @gcshighschool (via Instagram)

Boys JV soccer:

Boys JV Soccer did not play as well as they hoped, however, the team worked hard and they ended up making it to the semi-finals in their league. Losing a few of the upperclassmen made it challenging for the team to adjust at the beginning of the season, however, according to Wade Intarator ‘22, “the team made a lot of improvement throughout the season.”

Photo Credit: @scojophoto (via Instagram)

Girls Varsity Soccer:

Girls Varsity Soccer had their best season yet. Coach Grant really pushed the team, and as a result, the team made a lot of improvement. Unfortunately, Coach Grant left halfway through the season due to personal issues, however, the team still pushed through and made it to the semi-finals. When asked, the players were enthusiastic about their season and sad that it has come to an end. Lena Arnsten ‘21 says, “this was definitely our best season yet. We lost in the semi-finals, but I’m proud of us for getting that far, but I think that was definitely progress for the soccer team and for Grace.” The players had a great team spirit, and hopefully, they will continue to improve even more next year.

Photo Credit: Mr. Quinn

Cross Country:

The Cross Country team had a fantastic season, despite the fact that there were very few members. They worked hard and came in second in their league. Julian Honts ‘22, a member of the team says, “it was a fun team to be a part of.” The team stayed motivated and enthusiastic throughout the entire season, and hopefully, they can bring the same energy next year.

Photo Credit: Daniela Monteys ’20

Varsity Girls Tennis:

Girls Varsity Tennis had a great season. There were a lot of new freshmen on the team this year, and they didn’t have any seniors on the team. Kaia Cogsville ‘22, the number one player of the Grace tennis team this year, says, “we had a great season, and the dynamic was pretty much the same as last year. We had a lot of fun and won a lot of games.” Jane Arons ‘21 agreed that “everyone on the team was devoted to the sport and genuinely loved playing tennis. However, I find that the most important thing about our team is that we grow together as a family as the season progresses.”

Photo Credit: Mr. Quinn

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