Fall Sports: A Season in Review

Media provided by Gazette Media Staff, Grace Parents, and fellow students.

As the fall sports season came to an end, many teams exceeded expectations while others fell short. Grace’s athletes had much to say about their concluded seasons and their experiences playing their sports. 

Varsity Volleyball:

The Girls Varsity Volleyball team had a relatively balanced season, with five wins and six losses. Lily Badertscher ‘23 reflected on the season in a positive light. “Earlier on in the season we would sometimes play down to our potential but then get it back on our later sets.” Despite the lack of success on the scoreboard, Lily thinks they “got really lucky with an awesome Varsity team this year.” The team supported each other and hopes to go further next season. 

JV Volleyball:

The JV Team also had a mediocre season. After losing four straight games, the team finished the season winning three times but losing seven games. When asked about the team, Captain Grace O’Hara ‘23 said, “I think everyone grew a lot since we started and we had a lot of fun.” 

Girls Tennis:

The Girls Tennis Team played incredibly, securing eleven wins and suffering two losses. Despite losing in the semifinals of the playoffs they were still satisfied with their effort: “I would say we exceeded expectations,” said Bella Gore ‘23. “We were confident going into the season, but it was really great to see the team do so well, improve so much, and become so close.” Next year, the team will be serious contenders for the championship. 

Boys Varsity Soccer:

Unfortunately, the Boys Varsity Soccer Team underperformed this year. “We expected to do much better than we did but we had a very fun end to the season with a homecoming win against Berkley,” said Gaspar Salcedo-Galli ‘23. With one of their captains, Freddie O’Donahue ‘23, out for the season, the team hopes to come back strong next fall. “This year’s team, by far, was the most talented Grace team I’ve ever played for,” remarked Aramis Fakahany ‘22, “But our chemistry was lacking and the competition was fierce.” 

Girls Varsity Soccer:

The Girls Varsity Soccer Team also has had an incredible season and finished it off with a championship. The team played in the finals for both the ACIS and the NYCAL and won in the former.  Considering that many of their best players graduated in 2021, the team has surpassed expectations. And their success showed on more than just the scoreboard. “We’re closer as a team than we could have ever expected,” said Amani Agrawal ‘23. The Grace community is extremely proud of the team and is glad to add another banner to the gym.

Cross Country:

The Cross Country season has a longer season than other fall sports. They have come first in five out of six of their meetings so far. James Spindler ‘23 said, “We are exceeding our expectations and will continue to do so,” and “everyone’s times improved significantly.” Hopefully, they can continue their good fortune and exceed expectations even further. Isaac Tiemann ‘22 has blown away the competition, riding on a five-race win streak. 

Boys JV Soccer:

The Boys JV Soccer Team finished strong and clinched a playoff spot. “I really wasn’t sure where we would stand in the league,”  said Eli Jackson ‘24. The team has three wins, five losses, and one draw. “We’ve had some good performances and somewhere we could have played better as a team,” Eli elaborated. With many players moving up to Varsity next year, the team’s future is uncertain.  

With most teams’ seasons being over and some moving on to playoffs, it’s safe to say the Grace community is proud of their student-athletes and all that they have poured into representing the griffin spirit.