Editorial Staff 2020-21

Editor-in-Chief – Isabelle Curry-Levine ’21

Isabelle Curry-Levine is a senior at Grace Church School and the Editor-In-Chief of The Grace Gazette. When she first joined the newspaper in 2019, she wrote articles mostly pertaining to culture and student life. In her new position as Editor-In-Chief, she edits the articles that are published to The Grace Gazette. 

Managing Editors – Haz Goldberg ’21 and Nick Russell ’21

Haz Goldberg is a Senior at Grace Church School and currently serves as one of the Managing Editors of the Grace Gazette. He came to Grace in ninth grade after attending Allen-Stevenson from kindergarten through eighth grade. He joined the Gazette staff as a junior and went to the Yale Journalism Symposium with fellow writers and editors in February 2020.

Nick Russell is a managing editor at the Grace Gazette. He is also a former media editor and writing photographer.

Opinions Editor – Drew Lerner ’21

When he first joined the Grace Gazette in his sophomore year, Drew Lerner aimed to write about films and other elements of that artistic medium. Since then, he has formed interests in almost every form of journalism. He strives to write articles that serve to inform and entertain people about what’s going on in our community.

Culture Editor – Ava Andrews ’22

Ava Andrews ‘22 is the Culture Editor of the Grace Gazette and the host of its weekly podcast, GraceCast. Outside of school, she operates her own blog, is a staff writer and the Executive Editor at Blue Bean Magazine, a staff writer for The Boutique Adventurer, and an editor and staff writer for The Highly Indy Project. After writing an article on why consumers wait for hours on end for name-brand retail items, she discovered a passion for reporting on the vibrant subcultures that exist within downtown Manhattan. 

Media Editor – Evelyn Ward ’21

Evelyn Ward is the Media Editor. She’s in charge of the photos for each article and exploring new media for the Gazette. She has extensive expertise in film and photo editing. She makes things look pretty 🙂

Politics Editor – Santiago Zubillaga ’21

Santiago Zubillaga is a senior at Grace and is the politics editor of the Grace Gazette. Santiago joined the Gazette in 2018 as a sophomore and enjoys writing opinion pieces, as well as political and current events articles. Santiago previously attended The Stephen Gaynor School, where he was the editor-in-chief of his then school newspaper, the Gaynor Times. Some of his pieces include an article on conservative students at Grace, an interview with congressional candidate Suraj Patel, and most recently, and a series of articles on the presidential election.

Student Life Editors – Lena Arnsten ’21 and Julie Silverman ’21

Lena Arnsten is one of the Student Life editors for the Grace Gazette. In the past, she has written for both the student life and culture sections and was previously an editor of social media.

Julie Silverman is a senior and Student Life Editor for the Grace Gazette. She has been involved in the paper for 3 years and has held other roles, like Social Media Editor. The student life column covers topics such as the students and what happens within the school.

Sports Editors – Brody Pontarelli ’21 and Jaden Sorkin ’21

A senior at Grace Church School, Brody Pontarelli is the sports section editor for the school newspaper. His pieces focus on events involving athletics, admissions, and the administration of the school. Brody was also named a top 10 high schooler in the national “Big Scribble” journalism competition. 

Jaden Sorkin is a senior who has entered Grace Church School in his freshman year. He has been a part of the Grace Gazette for the past two years and was named the sports editor along with Brody Pontarelli as of September 2020.

‘Good Morning Grace’ Editor – Jane Arons ’21

Jane Arons is the director, scriptwriter, and main editor for the Good Morning Grace News Show. While writing articles for the Grace Gazette last year she edited and co-founded the first-ever season of Good Morning Grace.

Social Media Editors:

Olivia Berger ’22 is one of the social media editors of the Grace Gazette. Olivia is currently on a semester away program but we look forward to her re-joining the Gazette staff when she returns to Grace for the start of the second semester!

Bella Johnson ’22 is a social media editor and has been writing for the Grace Gazette for two years. She typically writes about student life at Grace and current events. Bella is interested in mental health and is the leader of the Mental Wellness Affinity Group at Grace.

Naaz Valvani ’22 joined the Grace Gazette in 2019 as an opinion and culture columnist and later became the co-editor of Social Media. In 2020, Naaz became the first woman of color to hold an editorial position at the Gazette. Naaz primarily writes about the intersection of racial tension and politics to amplify the stories of marginalized groups.

Student Writers:

Brando Babini ’23 is a sophomore at Grace Church High School and is a writer for the Grace Gazette. Before attending Grace, Brando went to the Clinton School MS 260. Having grown up in various New York City environments, his work will primarily concern local issues, such as educational inequity.

Hudson Davis ’21 is a 12th grader at Grace Church School. He is new to journalism, and his focus will be primarily on sports at Grace, and how the pandemic will affect matches and seasons as a whole. Furthermore, he plans on writing about the sports world outside of Grace, and how that correlates with our own sports teams and programs. 

Henry Epstein ’21, a senior at Grace Church School, is a staff writer at the Grace Gazette. His work is mostly concerned with politics, however, he’s also interested in sports and how the two topics intersect. His experience at Grace extends back to kindergarten, 13 years ago.

Sarah Herrera ’23 is a tenth-grade student at Grace Church School and someone who enjoys drawing as a hobby. She is Bolivian American and the daughter of immigrants.  Her interests include art, animation, and fiction. The topic of her writings can vary but mostly concern current events, art, and culture.

Jackson Howard ’23 is a sophomore at Grace and a writer for the Grace Gazette. His work mostly concerns politics and what the political landscape looks like in Modern Day America. Jackson has been a recipient of multiple writing awards from his previous school, Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School.

Ashleigh Phillips ’23 is a student at Grace Church High who just recently joined journalism in efforts to creatively express her thoughts. She is excited to write for the Gazette and looks forward to writing many articles throughout her years at Grace. 

Penelope Platt ’21 is a student writer and a reporter for Good Morning Grace. She writes articles for the culture section at Grace Church and is a brand new member of the Grace Gazette team this year. Her interests include dance, activism, and community service.

Faculty Advisor – Enkay Iguh

Enkay Iguh is a Literature teacher and Journalism advisor.

The Grace Gazette is produced and published by students in the Grace Church School High School Division’s journalism class. All GCS students in grades 9-12 are welcome to submit articles, photos, videos, and suggested topics to the Editor in Chief, Isabelle Curry-Levine. If you have questions, comments, or feedback please contact Enkay Iguh or student editors/writers.

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