Dining Duo Tours Festive Holiday Market in Union Square

Media provided by Skuli B. ’24

December’s upon us and you all know what that means — the Union Square Holiday Market is back in full swing. After a year’s hiatus due to the pandemic, everyone is relishing in the holiday spirit: frequenting the creepy puppet stand, the various hot cocoa vendors, and the custom pet sock seller. As such, we, Alex L. and Charlie W., the Dining Duo, have returned to pay the market a visit.

Fellow eleventh grade student and personal photographer, Skuli B. ‘23, joined us on our excursion. We visited around 3:45 pm after school let out and were pleased to find the market to be somewhat empty; we did not wait in line to get our food and were not cramped when exploring the various booths, in spite of their relatively small sizes. We ventured around, taking in the sights, smells, and sounds of what was our first real taste of the holidays. Booths rich with the red and green, emitting rich smells of chocolate and pine needles made it absolutely certain that we were in one of the most festive spots the city has to offer. From the welcoming arch to the central snacking area in the center of the square, the entire place was filled to the brim with holiday cheer. 

We also made sure to take the time to enjoy some delicious treats. Alex bought a chocolate and vanilla oreo “beavertail” (a long, doughy pastry originating from Canada) as well as a cup of hot cocoa from a stall appropriately called “Beavertail.” While extremely gooey and a tad messy, the taste was just absolutely fantastic: an explosion of warm chocolatey flavors and delectable cookie crunch. Alex noted that the hot cocoa was also very good and was the perfect way to compliment both the delicious taste of the beavertail and the biting cold of the outdoors. It was just a perfect snack for our time at the fair and encapsulated what the Holiday Market’s all about: uncovering and supporting local cuisine and artistry

Charlie also bought and thoroughly enjoyed a tuscan Nutella donut with chocolate filling from Casa Tostada. The donut was fresh and delicious with the perfect ratio of donut to filling. The filling itself had a questionable texture but the taste of the chocolate combined perfectly with the nutella on top, delivering a much needed sweet treat after a long day of school. The donut was so delicious Charlie forgot to get a photo of him with it!

Overall we found the market to be a wonderful experience, introducing us to a wide variety of amazing foods and inspiring gift ideas for our loved ones. If you’re looking for a fun and festive  activity near school to visit with some friends, family, or even just by yourself, then you can’t go wrong with the Holiday Market. Happy holidays everyone!