Coffeehouse: A Showcase by GCS Students

On April 9, GCS held its fourth annual Coffeehouse in the MPR. Throughout the years, the Coffeehouse has proved to be a great way for GCS students to share their various talents with their classmates, teachers, and parents. Millie Novak ‘18 was inspired to keep the tradition alive and organized this year’s Coffeehouse. She told the Gazette, “the coffeehouse was an opportunity for students to share their passions w the community, and it was so fun to see the final performances! The students were so talented and it was great to see people come together to support one another.”

All students and faculty were invited to attend the coffeehouse, and people could perform whatever they wanted from singing and dancing to reading poetry and short stories. This year, was the biggest turnout evert and seeing everyone share what they are passionate about made a positive impact on the GCS community. There were films by film majors Will Simotas’ 19 and Angelika Rodriguez ‘18;a beautiful contemporary dance from Millie Novak ‘18; and an upbeat dance to Drake’s “Nice for What” by Chase Gardner ‘20 and Malcolm Gibson ‘19 that got the whole crowd dancing in their seats. A few students showcased their vocal talents, with heartwarming duets by pairs Sandra Lopez ‘18 and Camille Segre-Lawrence ‘18, James Mahedy ‘18 and Emma Seitz ‘20, Emma Gottschalk ‘19 and Stephanie Cox’19, and Abisola Fashakin ‘19 and Mirely Garcia ‘20. Jiwon Simpkins ‘19, Justin Gibble ‘19, and Gabe Ortega ‘19 treated the crowd to an electrifying rock performance. Last but not least, James Danziger ‘21 dazzled the audience by juggling on his unicycle.

It was a night to remember. As a spectator, I found myself smiling all throughout, enjoying seeing everyone put themselves out there and share their passions. I regret that the first Coffeehouse I ever attended was in my Senior year. Julia Sebastia-Lopez ‘18 went to the show and shared her experience with the Gazette; “the coffeehouse was fun to watch, it was really cool to see everyone be open and share a part of themselves with the community.”

I have included a few videos (credit to Millie Novak ’18) of the performers in case you missed it!

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