BTS: Girls Varsity Basketball

Girls Varsity Basketball team waves goodbye to the opposing team after a win. Media provided by Ava Andrews ’22.

In the wintertime, crowds excitedly watched Grace’s star-studded Girls Varsity Basketball Team take to the court. But who are these women beyond the court? What does their walk home entail and what happens when the thrill of the game subsides? 

In many ways, becoming star athletes at Grace has come to define these young women, yet this isn’t our definition to create. What is often missed is the humanity of each player, along with what makes them unique. It is these differences that made the Girls Varsity Basketball team so strong collectively this season. 

The Girl’s Varsity Basketball team attributes their success to the team’s connection. “We’re a family and, honestly, I don’t know what opinions people have about us, these girls are some of the most talented people I know,” says Beatrice T. ‘24. They took the time to understand each other, bettering their communication and trust on court. Just as they learned to understand each other, the Grace community must learn to understand them as well. 

Alana A. ‘24 is one of the team’s star players, averaging 21 points and 14 rebounds per game. Alana said in an interview with the Gazette, “Sports have always played such a large part in my life that it’s easy for me to lose sight of other things I enjoy just as much.” Alana explained that she has always loved to play instruments and has spent a great deal of time honing her musical talents, noting that her passion for the saxophone is “one of the things people overlook about [her].”

Alana A, ’24 taking the ball past Notre Dame offense. Media provided by Ava Andrews ’22. .

Lina M. ‘24, another star player on the team scoring an average of 26 points per game, expanded upon this sentiment, claiming, “Sports showcase the very best within us. It gives us the will to win and get aggressive…but I could never imagine sports being the only thing I do.” Lina also shared that she is a black belt in karate, something she admitted she “doesn’t say enough.” 

As the season came to an end only two weeks ago, the Grace Girls Varsity demonstrated this strong and cohesive team dynamic through the many successes they have accomplished this season.  Successes such as earning a banner for the gym, including the two titles they won along with winning the quarter finals. However, regardless of how basketball teams are mainly supported for their victories, it is essential to support them as individuals as well.