What Your Barclays Game Tickets Actually Get You

With both boys and girls varsity teams poised to make noise this year, Barclays night will likely be an energetic event. It also functions as a fantastic excuse to get out of class a little early since the whole school has early dismissal for the game. The extent of the early dismissal and start time of the game is still TBD. In a recent series of interviews with the student body, student Julia Kramberg said, it was “very fun at the game last year” and she “hopes the atmosphere is the same” this year.

This is the fourth year that Grace will play at the Barclays Center as part of the Legends Classic. What does it mean to the students who are playing and watching the game? For Varsity Basketball team member Malcolm Gibson, the inaugural game of the season serves as a benchmark for the team’s overall progression. He says, “It’s interesting to see college teams and athletes at the beginning of their season, because they greatly progress over the year. It’s nice to see where they start before how far they may go.” Additionally, Malcolm has mentioned how excited he is to play in the threshold of the NBA which is an opportunity that most high school students will never have afforded to them.

Ms. Armijos Head Coach of the girls varsity basketball team said, “This is an opportunity for kids to cheer on their varsity teams in the realm of professional athletes. It’s a lifetime event that even collegiate level players often don’t experience. It should be a community event for us all to collectively enhance our school spirit.”

While the Gremlins’ premier matchup will obviously be the most anticipated contest on Barclays night, our student population should not be so quick to overlook the promising matchups of Texas A&M vs. Oklahoma State, and Penn State vs. Pitt after the Grace vs. Berkeley Carroll game.

OKSU finished their previous season with a record of 20-13 overall, meeting their bitter end in a 92-91 loss to Michigan in the first round of the March Madness tournament. Texas A&M finished the 2016-17 season 16-15, but their new additions of Isaiah Jasey and Jay Jay Chandler, new class of 2021 commits, are sure to make them a contender for the Division 1 tournament berth in March.

Pitt Finished the Year at 21-12 for the season leaving at ninth in the Big East, during the Big East tournament the Panthers made it to the Quarter Finals eventually losing to the soon to be Big East tournament runner-ups and National Championship winners, North Carolina. During the Nationwide tournament, Pitt lost its first game to Nigel Hayes and Wisconsin. After the tournament, Pitt’s two leading scorers, Jamel Artis and Michael Young, both declared for the NBA draft. Both Artis and Young went undrafted, but have recently signed contracts for teams. Artis signed a two-way (learn what a two-way contract is) contract with the Knicks and Young a two-way with the Wizards. Expect a hungry Pitt team to play with something to prove, with their nine true freshmen.

Last year Penn State went 15-18 and finished 11th in a relatively weak Big Ten. During the Big Ten tournament, Penn State won its play-in game against 12th seeded Nebraska.  However, after this victory they lost to 7th seeded Michigan State led by then freshman and expected top 10 pick in the upcoming 2018 draft, Miled Bridges. The roster for Penn State did not have many changes happen to it over the summer and one can expect a very experienced team led by senior Shep Garner who has started all but two games in the past two years to destroy its cross state rivals Pitt.

Game Predictions:

Ok St. 78— A&M 73

A&M’s roster will keep it close through the first 30 minutes of the game but OK State will pull away in the last ten  

Penn State 64 — Pitt 70

Penn State will be overpowered by an overall better Pitt team poised to make a tournament run this year


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