Baked and Glazed – The Ceramics Club

At Grace, there are a few clubs that many of us don’t know about. One of these clubs is The Ceramics Clubs. This club is a space for students who wanted more time in their day to learn ceramics and learn how to throw on the wheel. A wheel is a machine used in the shaping of round ceramic clay. Sometimes it’s nice to take a break from schoolwork and do something artistic. Joining clubs you are interested in is a great way to take a break from the busy school day and reset. Kaitlyn Lu ‘20 said, “ I joined the Ceramics Club as a way to relax during the day.” Ms. Small, nurse at the 86 campus, the creator of the Ceramics Club, gave us her perspective on the club. She said, “The club is structured on students’ self-motivation. The members of the club work on projects that are initiated by themselves. I am there to help with technical issues or skills that may be needed to propel projects forward.” The club initially started with three members but has since increased to seven members. Leo Margolies ’22 told the Grace Gazette, “We welcome anyone that loves pottery, but we don’t advertise it because we want to keep the focus on our art.” Nurse Small said, “I am not sure of what the awareness of the club is. Sometimes we joke that it is a secret club. I don’t think it is announced at club time because it was part of art Lab day activities.” At Grace Church School, the activities block is integrated into the Wednesday schedule to allow students to join clubs they are interested in, try new things, learn, and pursue their passion. Charlotte Bruk ‘20 said, “I joined Ceramics because I had never done it before, and I wanted to learn how to do it.” Here at Grace, we try to integrate all the various clubs into our community. For instance, clubs are encouraged to present at a community meeting about what they are learning or upcoming events they might be holding. Although the members of the Ceramics Club value the small community they have created by joining this club, some feel it is not represented enough. Kaitlyn said, “no one knows it exists. we only have seniors and two other people that have joined this year.” Every club, no matter how many members are involved, should feel their work has been integrated into Grace.

Yarelis N. ’20 hard at work.

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