A Privilege of Living in New York: The Many Ways to Get to Grace

In a recent Grace Gazette survey, more than 80 percent of Grace Church community members said that they use the train to get to school, a percentage that seems to be highly reflective of the New York city population. 

The MTA states that the “average weekday subway ridership is 5.7 million.” The Grace community plays a role in this number, contributing to the MTA being one of the most utilized public transit systems in the world.

The 6 train is most popular amongst Grace students; 59 percent of student faculty rely on this line when commuting to and from school, according to the Gazette survey in which 105 people responded. The next most popular subway line, at 23.3 percent, is the R. Both of these trains are extremely close to the school, undoubtedly contributing to their popularity.   

Each person who uses the MTA has had unique experiences which have formed their overall impression of subway transportation. 

Savannah K. ’24 said in an interview with the Gazette, “I like the MTA because it allows me to go to and from school easily.” 

There is no denying that the MTA is an easy method of transportation. When riding in a personal car, there will always be traffic, but when using the MTA, specifically trains, there will rarely be holdups. The only possible challenge students might face is having to wait for the train, which can take anywhere from two minutes to upwards of eight minutes to arrive. No matter where you want to go in the city, it is not difficult to get there if you know your way around the train system. 

The accessibility and affordability of the trains has made for a more vibrant social life for Grace students and New York teens alike. 

According to Brewer W. ‘24, “The subway is really nice because you can go up and downtown in 20 minutes and it’s only two-three bucks.”

The train is not the only convenient method of transportation in New York City. According to smartertravel.com, New York city is the most walkable city in America, allowing for safe, easy, and quick travel. 

On the Gazette survey, we discovered that 31% of Grace students walk to school, and thanks to Grace being in an amazing location, those small walks are not a challenge

About 12% of people who responded bike to school. Fifteen percent of people take a family car, 13% utilize the bus on their way to school, and about 8% of people use some sort of car service. 

There is a great diversity of options for members of the community trying to get to Grace. This diversity is truly exceptional, something that you see only when you live in New York City. Not many people have the access to so many  methods of transportation, but New Yorkers do, so make sure to enjoy it for all its worth.