A New Club In The Works

Do you like Sci-Fi films and wish there was a club for it? Well, in the second semester, you will be in luck; there will be an official Sci-Fi club led by Drew Lerner ’21. Ms. Chaloner, Dean of Community Life, started a science fiction viewing hour with Ms. Franklin, former Latin teacher, last year, following their old Grace Middle School club that started in 2005. Ms. Chaloner noted, “The group watched and discussed films that may not have been big hits, but had an influence on how we view the future of society or how we view technology.” This will be a space where you watch various Sci-Fi films and discuss the real-world aspects of them.

Basically, Sci-Fi films are used as a metaphor for the real-world issues. In talking with Drew, he said the reason he started this club was because, “I love Sci-Fi films and movies in general. Also, people watch Sci-Fi movies often solely for entertainment but it’s important to realize that Sci-Fi films have important real-world themes that we don’t often look at.” A few of the films the Sci-Fi Club has viewed this year include, Iron Giant, Castle in the Sky, Annihilation, Shaun of the Dead, Black Panther.

Since the club is so new and isn’t official yet, there aren’t any grand plans of what else the club will do. But as time goes on, maybe other things will come up. Having a club like this is going to be a great addition to the other many wonderful clubs. If you love Sci-Fi and discussing real-world issues then this will be the perfect club for you!


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