A Close Look at Student Body Leader Lola J: Her To-Do List is as Long as the Lunch Line

Media provided by Gazette Media Staff.

Teachers, students, and administration alike have regarded Lola J. ‘22 as a model student at Grace Church High School for years but this year more than ever as a Student Body President. In this leadership role, Lola is working on carrying out the many requests and questions she receives daily from the student body. 

The first items on her extensive list: the frustratingly long lunch lines and getting a pet fish for the high school.

“Many people have come to me with long requests, almost all being lunchroom related,” said Lola. 

Clearly, the lunchroom is regarded as a hot-button issue for the Student Government, and one that, if fixed, would be an appreciated improvement to the quality of student life here at Grace. People around the school have addressed their concerns to other representatives in other grades as well.

 “There are always a significant number of people asking me about lunch lines,” says 10th grade representative Zamira F.  

But shortening the lunch lines is nowhere near the only thing Lola has listed on her long agenda. 

“There have been so many people who stop me in the halls with a question, and I turn around and there’s another student waiting to ask me another,” Lola laughed. 

The duties of being a senior student representative, however, are not only concerned with effectively communicating with students. Communicating with deans and teachers is a significant part of Lola’s job. Students have often turned to Lola for guidance and support when they feel confused or upset by a teacher. 

Lola finds that speaking with the student body and then communicating those concerns with the people “who can actually do something about it” is the most effective way to get requests across as numerous measures must be taken before any aspects of Grace can be altered. The Student Government as a whole strives to communicate student concerns to the faculty and helps facilitate a more positive learning environment for everyone.

An example of one request that was taken care of with Lola’s help was the re-opening of communal bathrooms (as opposed to single-stall bathrooms) that were made single occupancy rooms in response to the pandemic. In Grace’s community, the one person capacity per bathroom rule caused a lot of unrest. Students were often late to class and missed significant class time due to waiting. Students and teachers have rejoiced over the fact that this is no longer a concern they need to worry about for the rest of this year.  

As I spoke with Lola, she told me about her experience at Grace and everything she has overcome as someone who used to be quiet and reserved but is now often speaking in front of the entire school. Beyond addressing the concerns of her community, one of the things Lola loves most about her job is that she has the opportunity to speak to the student body during events such as chapel and share her ideas with everyone. 

“She knows how to communicate with students; she loves it and the students love to communicate with her. That is all we could ask of a Student Body President.”

– Mr. Daniel Rufer, Dean of the Class of 2022

Cate H. ‘24 said, “I love hearing her speeches, they are always so animated and fun.”

Now that all of the other grade representatives have been elected, Lola eagerly awaits the rest of this new school year and all that lies ahead. This year’s representatives include: 

  • 12th Grade: Aaron Hessel, Nylah Mulzac
  • 11th Grade: Karis Braxton, Eli Nelson
  • 10th Grade: Oliver Berman, Zamira Frost
  • 9th Grade: Paul Jakob, Mason Zelenko

Grace is a thriving community, and one that is being led by some exceptional students.

“Lola is doing an amazing job as Student Body President,” says 10th grade representative Oliver B. 

We have an amazing group of students ready to take on the new year. In a community as tight knit as Grace, the student representatives aren’t just reps, they are friends too.

Lola expresses how thrilled she is to represent such an admirable group of people: “To represent the community I love and have been a part of for so long is an incredibly rewarding experience,” she gushed. 

We, the students, are lucky to have someone —  as passionate and dedicated as Lola — represent us.